Homes Nepal
DAO No. 1234 | Social Welfare Council Registration No. 22540
  • Distributing Temporary shelter materials for earthquake victimized school to construct class rooms at Gorkha
  • Distributing Shelter material to Batuki Lower Secondary School, Gorkha to construct temporary class rooms
  • Conducting free health camp with free medicine at Ghorsang,Nuwakot
  • During assisment of Gap Identification and Health Insurance project at Dhanusha’s PHCs
  • Volunteers at Bishnumati River cleaning Campaign Kathmandu
  • Polluters Pay Principle Discussion program at Chamati, Kathmandu
  • Boating organized by HOMES-Nepal after cleaning Campaign
  • Distributing Scholarship Materials to Earthquake Victimized Students of Sindhupalchowk 2017
  • Mr. Kedar Bahadur Adhikari the secretary of Nepal Government inaugurated Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) program in Bhakatpur
  • HOMES-Nepal built Bamboo Shelter House for Earthquake Victimized people of Lisankhu VDC, Nargaun (Sindhupalchowk)
  • HOMES-Nepal supported Students at Bal Sarathi Academy, Kathmandu
  • HOMES-Nepal supported students at Shree Jan Sahyog Secondary School Lisankhu-5, Nargaun, Sindhupalchowk 2017
  • Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Program 2018
  • Education Scholarship
  • Health Camp 2018
  • Welcome in Sindhupalchowk and Musahar Basti


In stating why we are here we would first like to recognize the great number of individuals and organizations doing fantastic work to move our country forward in many ways. We appreciate all that you are doing!

The reason that we are here though is simple THE JOB IS NOT BEING DONE. In spite of the best efforts of many there are still so many issues in our country that we feel compelled to take matters into our own hands. For decades the Bishnumati River has been abused and for generations the poor and disempowered have suffered. We are working to a long term plan to improve the state of affairs in Nepal. Our work is focused on addressing problems that everyone else has consistently failed to resolve. We will see Nepal flourish and grow.

We have amongst our team a range of different experience which includes but is by no means limited to; Project Management, Environmental Protection, Education, Sociology, Social Enterprise, Administration, Law, Social Work, Tourism, Policy and much more… It’s these key skills and experiences that we use from day to day as we work.