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  • Digital Learning, Library and Science Lab
  • Livelihood Project at Kagati Gau
  • Nargau Health Camp
  • Livelihood Project at Kagati Gau
  • Kagati Gau Health Camp
  • Nargau Health Camp
  • Livelihood Project at Kagati Gau
  • Kagati Gau Health Camp
  • Digital Learning, Library and Science Lab
  • Scholarship Distribution at Sindhupalchowk
  • Scholarship Distribution at Sindhupalchowk
  • Scholarship Distribution at Sindhupalchowk

HOMES Nepal offers following Volunteering & Internship Programs for the University Students:

Following projects are the vocational training programs

  1. Work and Internship in Handicraft of Nepal
  2. Volunteering teaching in Public/Private School
  3. Environment Support Programs
  4. Volunteering in Health Centers/Hospitals
  5. Volunteering in Orphanage/Day Care Centers
  6. Volunteering in Teaching at Monasteries
  7. Volunteering in Public Construction/Reconstruction and Maintenance
  8. Donation to the Education Support Programs

Work and Internship in Handicraft of Nepal

The university students or a group of people will be engaged and learnt the traditional lifestyle of Nepalese people. Through the active participation of the volunteers, they will be able to know how to make the Nepalese Handicraft and also learn the Nepalese culture and exchange their cultures.

Volunteering Teaching in Public/Private School

The teaching system of Nepalese school’s is not so good even though the curriculum has developed in a systematic way. The teachers are not well equipped for the teaching of kids. So, Homes Nepal has designed for volunteering teaching in Public/Private school.  

The learning will be the teaching methodology of the Nepalese school and curriculum. Furthermore, they will be able to learn how the culture and social structure affect the curriculum of the school.

Your key responsibility will be the teaching English, sharing of teaching practices, design ECA (Extra curriculum activities), Counseling to the students as well as parents, and place for showing your talent (you can design your program with close cooperation of school’s principal and organization)

Environment Support Programs

Environment Support Programs are conducted at a very basic level, introducing the villagers to concepts and creative activities of Environmental Awareness and personal hygiene. Volunteers may also provide assistance to youth clubs or women's groups in the community sharing their ideas, skills and knowledge about environmental issues. Example projects include: creating "green" clubs, planting a flower garden, planting trees, garbage management, recycling programs, making a smokeless stove, building a toilet pit, etc.

Volunteering in Orphanage/Day Care Centers

Poverty and past conflicts have seriously affected the people of Nepal. This situation has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people and turned many children into orphans. The situation is even worst in the villages and because of this; thousands of children arrive in urban centers like Kathmandu and other cities in search of jobs and prosperous future. Unfortunately, the reality of city is very different from the charmed life they’ve imagined. The children face torture and exploitation. Many of them work over 14-hours a day in industries, hotels, and restaurants and many of the sleep in the street.

There is no government initiative to protect the children and their fundamental rights and privileges. In this context, concerned citizens have opened orphanages and we have good tie up with these orphanages within Kathmandu valley. If you have a strong enthusiasm and willingness to make a positive impact in the lives of the innocent children, this is an ideal project for you.

As a volunteer in orphanage project, you will work to better the lives of the children by caring for them and teaching them. Although this is not an English teaching placement, you will have the opportunity to teach English and conduct creative programs including games, music, art, drawing, painting, and impart health education.

If you are skilled in sewing, painting, tailoring, crafting, typing, and computing, you can teach these skills to the children as well. During your volunteer work, care for them also by making sure they eat well, sleep well, wash and change into cleaner clothes. This is a vital aspect as the love and the care that you provide will make them feel loved and vanquish any mental disturbance.

Volunteering at Health Centers/Hospitals

Nepal’s health sector is slowing moving towards standards seen internationally. But the cost of using the facilities is very expensive and can’t be afforded by poor people. The few government hospitals that exist are often poorly run and slow in delivering their service. They are located in urban centers, away from rural areas where the poor often originate.

HOMES-Nepal has worked in conjunction with local health center of villages to offer health projects for volunteers willing to help poor and serve humanity. During your work, you’ll treat many poor and bring smiles to their faces. You’ll often work under the supervision of an experience professional. 

Volunteers in health care projects will assist local doctors and medical staffs. You will be assigned work according to your level of experience. Volunteer works in hospital include: treating minor injury, taking BP & weight, record keeping of patience, general medical checkup of patience, assisting local doctors, and similar responsibilities. You can also choose to work in the administration. You can have passion to serve the poor to successfully volunteer in the project.

Volunteering in Teaching at Monasteries

As a volunteer in HOMES Nepal Monk teaching project, you will primarily work as English instructors in the schools of Tibetan Children's Village. You will teach English to Tibetan kids for 3-4 hours a day. In addition to English teaching, volunteers will assist in other school extracurricular activities and administration. In the evening, you can organize games, drawing, singing, dancing, and other creative education and extracurricular activities.

Morning and late evening time is free. If you love Buddhism, this is the perfect time to join meditation, rituals, prays, and songs with the Buddhist monks. This project gives perfect opportunities to immerse in Buddhist religion and lifestyle.

Volunteering in Public Construction/Reconstruction and Maintenance

The construction project will be physically demanding. You will carry bricks, mix cement, screen sand, and do other activities of the project. Volunteers mostly work 4-5 hours a day without hurrying to much (no rush). In your free time, you can play with children or explore the local villages. You won't require any skills required to join the project. You should however be fit and in physically good condition as construction work is physically demanding.

The construction project is lunched in Public schools, orphanage, community learning centers for construction of toilets, walls, water tank etc.

Donation to Education Support Programs

Some of Nepalese students are still struggling for the basic education level due to low economic condition. Parents are not able to send their children and children have to support household work and parents are free for the labour work. To cross this issue, HOMES-Nepal is providing scholarships to the needy people. The scholarship includes: Tuition fees, admission fees, dresses, books and stationeries, and lunch in school. Your small initiation will have great value for the needy people.

Download Acitivity Sheet for All Above Programs : [ DOC ] | [ PDF ]