Homes Nepal
DAO No. 1234 | Social Welfare Council Registration No. 22540
  • Distributing Temporary shelter materials for earthquake victimized school to construct class rooms at Gorkha
  • Distributing Shelter material to Batuki Lower Secondary School, Gorkha to construct temporary class rooms
  • Conducting free health camp with free medicine at Ghorsang,Nuwakot
  • During assisment of Gap Identification and Health Insurance project at Dhanusha’s PHCs
  • Volunteers at Bishnumati River cleaning Campaign Kathmandu
  • Polluters Pay Principle Discussion program at Chamati, Kathmandu
  • Boating organized by HOMES-Nepal after cleaning Campaign
  • Distributing Scholarship Materials to Earthquake Victimized Students of Sindhupalchowk 2017
  • Mr. Kedar Bahadur Adhikari the secretary of Nepal Government inaugurated Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) program in Bhakatpur
  • HOMES-Nepal built Bamboo Shelter House for Earthquake Victimized people of Lisankhu VDC, Nargaun (Sindhupalchowk)
  • HOMES-Nepal supported Students at Bal Sarathi Academy, Kathmandu
  • HOMES-Nepal supported students at Shree Jan Sahyog Secondary School Lisankhu-5, Nargaun, Sindhupalchowk 2017
  • Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Program 2018
  • Education Scholarship
  • Health Camp 2018
  • Welcome in Sindhupalchowk and Musahar Basti


HIV/AIDS Situation in Nepal
Compared to other countries in Asia and rest of the world, available epidemiological data suggest that Nepal can be considered a low prevalence country. Studies reveal that there is wide spread high risk behavior among Commercial Sex Workers and their Clients... Read More
Health Camps
Our health camps target large numbers (usually over 500+ patients) in the poorest rural communities (usually inaccessible by car) and provide them with health care services they could not otherwise... Read More
Concept Paper for Health and Medical Camp
Bal Sarathi Academy is not only the education providing institution, its support the holistic development of the children especially who are helpless, beggars’ family, street children. The street children and beggar children are lured for the food in day time and teach them in the name of nutritious lunch... Read More
Planning to Nutrition Program for Chepang
The World Health Organization estimates that malnutrition accounts for 54 percent of child mortality worldwide, about 1 million children. Even mild degrees of malnutrition double the risk of mortality for respiratory and diarrheal disease mortality and malaria... Read More
Gorsang Health Camp Report, 2015
The health service situation of Nepal is not accessible to all the Nepalese community. So, different NGOs and health service provider are providing the health service to these communities. Likewise, HOMES, Nepal has been conducting the many health and medical camps in different rural areas of Nepal. More than 3301 poor people were already benefited due to these activities... Read More
Nutrition Program
The district is behind in health status compared to the national level. Although the health indicators are significantly improving over the years, the district is still behind in some of the key indicators. The child mortality rate (CMR) is 101.7/1000 and Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) is 91.8/1000 and average life expectancy is only 49.5 yrs. Read More
Annex II Photos of Health Camp
Annex II Photos of Health Camp... Read More
Annex III Photos of Local Culture
Annex III Photos of Local Culture... Read More