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  • Digital Learning, Library and Science Lab
  • Livelihood Project at Kagati Gau
  • Nargau Health Camp
  • Livelihood Project at Kagati Gau
  • Kagati Gau Health Camp
  • Nargau Health Camp
  • Livelihood Project at Kagati Gau
  • Kagati Gau Health Camp
  • Digital Learning, Library and Science Lab
  • Scholarship Distribution at Sindhupalchowk
  • Scholarship Distribution at Sindhupalchowk
  • Scholarship Distribution at Sindhupalchowk

Widows Project

Kagati Gau (Village) is one of the primitive villages of the Nepal where most of the Balami Caste (ethnic group of Newar) are living and continuing their lives. Other castes like Dalits (so called untouchable caste), Chhetri and Brahmin caste are minimum numbers. It is located in the north side of Kathmandu Valley and almost 20 KM far from it. Even though the village is near to the Kathmandu, but it is back warded socially, economically and technologically. The village people is trying to growing up to assimilate the technologically, economically but the tremor earth quake in 2015, also push backed them to the original condition.

The village “Kagati Gau” is famous for the early childhood marriage, the early child marry the old man and give birth in child age as well. They have the huge age difference and bad cultural norms, the women become widow in their early age in between 18-40. The widow women have to bear lots of responsibilities towards family members and their children, so their body structure seems to be old like 60 above when they are 35-40. Due to economically and socially backwarded, they live in the vulnerable condition and not have any opportunities in further progress. Their children are not going school but some of children are going school with minimum facility run by the government.

Widowhood in Nepal is highly stigmatized and therefore is a sensitive topic. Due to discomfort or stigmatization, many women concealed their status as widows in the community through behaviours impacting their daily lives. Concealment of widowhood is a coping strategy Nepali women use to shield themselves against societal stigma and to manage bereavement in their children. Efforts are needed to support widows by livelihood program and in dealing with mental health issues related to the psychosocial impact on their children.  There are more than 200 widows who are living in the vulnerable conditions.

Program Implemented

  • 1. Support to Earthquake victimized widows

    HOMES Nepal supported 40 widows of the earthquake victimized and provided food, medicine, zinc roof and labour support.

  • 2. Food for livelihood and clothes

    HOMES Nepal supported the widow’s food for 40 widows and their children who are in vulnerable condition and provided basic food regularly after earthquake

  • 3. Health and Education Support

    HOMES Nepal run the health camp to support their vulnerable health status. Furthermore, we supported the kids of widows outside and inside class room to provide scholarship the kids for their education upliftment.

  • 4. Livelihood program

    HOMES Nepal is supporting 20 widows family in vegetable production and provided trainings, seeds, fertilizer, agricultural equipment’s, tunnel, pesticides and insecticides and market development.


Widows are trying to get back to sustenance level but due to the pandemic COVID 19 and lock-down since March 24, 2020, now they are in worst condition. They did not have food and sanitary materials and their children are getting malnutrition and lower immunity power. The average family size is 5. They are starving and loosing immunity power day by day.

Due to the lock-down, they are unable to go outside and work. Some widows’ family has bit land and produce vegetable for livelihood but they could not sell anything, their small investment is in debt. At that situation, if you provide food and sanitary materials, the can survive.


Bank Account Holder Name HOMES
Bank Name Everest Bank Limited
Account Number 02000105200250
Address Balaju, Kathmandu, Nepal

Some Snaps of Village People

25 year old widow mom Kids waiting mom’s love
Vulnerable kids and widows Waiting for something...!!!
Under aged girl getting married (Child) Kids with suspicious eyes
Widow with her kids Widow woman in front of her house/hut
Early married Children Women in Village
Kid in front of his hut/house  


Budget Details

Relief Materials Cost for 40 Widow Family
S.N. Particulars Unit Per family Nos. Rate Total Remarks
A Food for Livelihood            
1 Rice sack 2 40 2700 216000  
2 Lentil kg 10 40 255 102000  
3 Cooking oil Ltr 5 40 220 44000  
4 Salt kg 2 40 22 1760  
5 Puffed rice kg 5 40 120 24000  
6 Sugar kg 5 40 95 19000  
7 potato kg 10 40 70 28000  
8 Mixed Beans kg 10 40 350 140000  
9 Spices LS 2 40 400 32000  
Sub Total of A 606760  
B Sanitary Items            
1 Bathing Soap Pcs 10 40 50 20000  
2 Washing Soap Pcs 20 40 45 36000  
3 Detergents Kg 5 40 250 50000  
4 Sanitary Pad pkt 10 40 120 48000  
5 Gloves pkt 1 40 500 20000  
6 Mask pkt 1 40 500 20000  
7 Sanitary liquid ltr 5 40 120 24000  
8 Sanitizer pcs 1 40 1200 48000  
9 First Aid Medicine LS 1 40 1500 60000  
Sub Total of B 326000  
Total of (A + B) 932760  
In Words: Nrs. Nine Hundred Thirty Two Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty    
In Euro: EURO 7175 (1Euro =Nrs. 130)