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DAO No. 1234 | Social Welfare Council Registration No. 22540
  • Distributing Temporary shelter materials for earthquake victimized school to construct class rooms at Gorkha
  • Distributing Shelter material to Batuki Lower Secondary School, Gorkha to construct temporary class rooms
  • Conducting free health camp with free medicine at Ghorsang,Nuwakot
  • During assisment of Gap Identification and Health Insurance project at Dhanusha’s PHCs
  • Volunteers at Bishnumati River cleaning Campaign Kathmandu
  • Polluters Pay Principle Discussion program at Chamati, Kathmandu
  • Boating organized by HOMES-Nepal after cleaning Campaign
  • Distributing Scholarship Materials to Earthquake Victimized Students of Sindhupalchowk 2017
  • Mr. Kedar Bahadur Adhikari the secretary of Nepal Government inaugurated Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) program in Bhakatpur
  • HOMES-Nepal built Bamboo Shelter House for Earthquake Victimized people of Lisankhu VDC, Nargaun (Sindhupalchowk)
  • HOMES-Nepal supported Students at Bal Sarathi Academy, Kathmandu
  • HOMES-Nepal supported students at Shree Jan Sahyog Secondary School Lisankhu-5, Nargaun, Sindhupalchowk 2017
  • Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Program 2018
  • Education Scholarship
  • Health Camp 2018
  • Welcome in Sindhupalchowk and Musahar Basti

Report of Earthquake victimized students scholarship program, sindhupalchok


The area ‘Lisankhu’ VDC, Nargau still back to get any kind of support in Education due to geographical hindrance. Shree Jan Sayog Secondary School has been facing varriouse kind of obstacale to run the school properly but the little support of local people they have been managed the school program. the people of Nargau are suffering from the impact of earthquake. Most of the families are lost their relatives in Earthquake. The area Lisankhu is the dwellings of the multi ethnic community and prevalence of Tamang community (75%), Dalits (5%) and Brahmin Chhetri (20%). The economic conditions of these communities are poor and based on agricultural (Subsistence level of economy). They are living under the shade of education facilities and cannot afford even in the simple education fee to school. Shree Jan Sahyog Secondry School lies in Lisankhu VDC- 5, Nargau Sindhupalchok. It is almost 85 KM far from Kathmandu and remote area of Sindhupalchok District. The nearest town is Sukute Bazar (Market).


The followings were the main objectives of the project:

  • To provide one time meal, school uniform and educational materials including Bag, stationary and Books as well.
  • To rehabilitate them for educational resettlement.
  • To make them psychologically strong.


HOMES-Nepal performs the favorable supportive program for students who became orphans and lost their parent in Earthquake. In one word we are providing positive help for those who need support for rehabilitate their life properly in context of education. The organization had conducted their program with Coordination of schools. In the first phase HOMES-Nepal only covered 20 orphans students among of total number or orhans students of Shree Jan Sahyog Secondry School Lisankhu VDC-5, Nargau Sindhupalchok district. The student numbers will be increased if we get more funds.

S.N. Materials Remark
1. Admission Fee  
2. Books  
3. Uniform Trouser, Shirt, Sweater and Jacket (In pair)
4. Shoes and Socks  
5. Bags  
6. Tuition Fee  
7. Stationary Copy, Pen, Pencil, Calculator and Crayon etc.
8. One time Meal  

Major Highlights: After reached at School, the school management commitee and people of VCD’s are requested our team to provide the one time meal for whole students for make habitual and regularity for school education.So finally our team decided to go through their request and we are providing the meal cost to school for whole students.